Be found easily by potential employers; post your profile on YidJob.
Read this article to find out the exact steps on how to post your profile properly.

From the 'Be Hired' drop-down (in the top menu bar), select 'Post your profile'

Fill out all the details for your profile in their respective fields.

(you want to avoid copy-pasting your resume into the summary section, instead fill out each section separately, so that your profile will have the right look once published.)

Note: Try filling out the most fields possible. This is extremely helpful in making sure that your profile can be easily searched and found by potential employers. 
It also increases the chance of you being contacted by likely employers.

Once you've completed your profile, hit the preview button in order to preview and continue saving and posting it.

If you are satisfied with how your profile preview looks, hit the 'Submit Profile' button. 

If you'd still like to make changes you can go back and edit your profile by clicking the 'Edit Profile' button. (You can edit your profile later as well, even once it's posted) 

Once you submit your profile and click  continue, you'll receive a notification that you have completed the posting process.

You profile is now posted.

You can click and view how your profile looks to other on the platform. 

(note: it might take some time for your profile to show up on the front end in the search engine, if you don't see it after 24 hours, chat with a rep.)