Q: What is YidJob?

A:  YidJob is an online platform, connecting qualified individuals with employers seeking their talent and experience. We simplify and speed up the process for all by providing cutting-edge solutions for companies/employers and jobseekers alike.

Q: Is YidJob a recruiting or hiring agency?

A: No. YidJob is a self service platform that enables employers and candidates to connect with each other. Our team does provides general info & customer support for all users.

Q: Is YidJob affiliated with any recruiting or career organization?

A: Although many recruiters and organization utilize our platform to find the right candidates, we are not affiliated and do not share private info or data with any third party.

Q: Why use YidJob?

A: When posting your job through YidJob you get to benefit from the following:

  • Attracting the right candidates

  • Our user friendly interface enables job-seekers to filter and find your job opening.

  • Candidates apply directly on the site which makes it easy to sort and rate applications.

  • Job-seekers who set alerts will automatically receive a notification of your job post to their inbox.

  • Full control of your job posts to edit, disable and manage all your listings

Q: Who sees the applications submitted for my job posting?

A: Only you (the one posting the job) will have access to view the applications for the job posted.

Q: Can I edit my job posting after it goes online?

A: Absolutely! Just log in and proceed to Employers –> Job Dashboard to edit your job posting. This is also where you will find a list of all candidates who have applied for your job, their profile, including their resume, cover letter and contact information.

Q: Will my email address be visible on the job post?

A: Your contact information (i.e. phone, email) is not visible to anyone except you. All applications will be submitted directly on the YidJob platform and only be visible in your account dashboard.

Q: What plans are available for an employer?

A: Our pricing system is based on subscriptions plans, we offer 3 types of plans:

  1. BASIC  – This plan serves businesses who need to fill just 1 position and want to make a 1-time payment to post their available job. The post expires after 2 months.

  2. CORPORATE – Fit for growing companies who need to fill multiple positions. This plan is a monthly auto-renew plan and comes with (up to) 3 job posts that don’t automatically expire as long as the subscription is active.

  3. ENTERPRISE – Ideal for HR departments of larger organizations, companies and recruiters who constantly need to fill positions. This is a monthly auto-renew plan and includes unlimited posts for an unlimited amount of time as long as the subscription is active.

You can always check our Plans and Pricing page for current prices.

Q: Can I be billed instead of paying by credit card?

A: We only accept payment by credit card. For invoice-based billing on our discounted longer term plans, please contact our sales department directly.

Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, we do. At YidJob we are confident you will easily find and hire the most suitable candidate for your open position by utilizing our advanced platform. If however YidJob does not live up to your expectations, please get in touch with us, and we will do whatever we can to improve the situation. At that point if you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a full refund from us, within 30 days of your job posting expiry. Your 100% satisfaction is our biggest concern. Post a job today and be covered by our money-back guarantee.